Inspiration’s Passage is the writing journey of Winston Visser to place one word down after another on page and screen, leaving trails in poetry, prose, or devotionals for readers to trek at their own pace.

“Inspiration’s Passage”

An expanse stretches before.

Unlike Sir Franklin’s not grave, yet still terrorizes!

Exhilarates too, alive with possibilities, words making lettered

T    R        A            C                K                    S

across open tundra.

Characterless until courage steps before fear.

Leads others where they sit to explore the vastness within and without.

  • Winston Visser 2016
Investigator in Ice
HMS Investigator on ice in search of Franklin Expedition.

You can also find my tracks at https://winstonjohnvisser.wordpress.com/ which is my original devotional page Sweeter than Honey.