“First: Remove the plank from your own eye!” Matthew 7:5-b

Planks 2

Poetry is a means of processing what intrigues or irritates me. Riffing on the verse above, it takes that plank blocking my mind’s eye, whether an event, experience or emotion, planes it down to its essence in the form of a poem. This process provides me with perspective while expressing joy to sorrow with clarity!

“Fallowed Fields”

With every stride

the seed is cast,

by arc of arm,

and twist of wrist,

from scarred palm.

The wind its guide,

flies far and wide,

to fall deep inside.

Strikes rock, skips on,

sticks to a thorn.

This barren ground

with bloody toil

may yet be soil,

a field that yields

a treasure found,

that stays The Reaper’s hand

from The Sower’s hallowed land.

“Square Foot Whimsy”

A selection from Along the Way, Serendipity

A birch crops up!

Out of place where it belongs?

Twin trunks twist playfully.

Dutifully, tasseled troops surround.

Green and gold,

Row upon row,

Hundreds abreast,

Thousands strong,

Regiment uniformity!

Save here?

Break rank!

Salute sentiment!

Honour serendipity.

Flourishing long after they fall.

Poem inspired by a young birch along the road to Amqui, Quebec.
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