The Following are presentations to our Regional Organization of 19-congregations and 3-ministries from The Thousand Islands to The Bay of Fundy. These provide a sense of what I do and who I am.

October 2021 Video Presentation
March 2021 Video Presentation.

Books propped on the table during meals. A cat named Mittens. A dog named Scout. Cows to feed. Pigpens to clean. The smell of grass becoming hay, roaming wood and field, plucking apples from trees, and biking country roads with friends. This was how I grew up, a modern-day David, my childhood hero. 

To this day, faith, reading, and ongoing learning are the wings on which my mind soars the blue skies of ideas, and possibilities, seeking ways to land some of them within reality. My reality includes three generations under one roof: my mom, spouse, myself, and two of our four adult children. Flights of imagination inspire me practically in how I assist my wife in her cut flower business, relate to our children, care for our cat, hike our trails, build a meandering rock wall, drive a transport, or eat meals together, without books or mobiles propped on the table.

PROFESSIONALLY two part-time jobs are full-time employment.

Consultant on Missions for Resonate Global Missions: https://www.resonateglobalmission.org/eastern-pcanada/

Pofessional Driver for KBD Transportation: http://www.kbdtransportation.com/

Inspirations for my life, faith, and writing:

My spouse’s business: https://www.flowersofthefield.org/


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Historic Figures

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